Community Garage Sale

Westview Garage Sale Signs

Westview Heights Community Garage Sale

Sat May 27th 2017

Community BBQ at the rink shack 11:00am-3:00pm

Trunk Sale at the Rink Shack Parking Lot

What’s a trunk sale?

Don’t have enough stuff to fill your yard? Fill the trunk of your car and drive it down to the trunk sale. Pop open your trunk and sell your treasures. Don’t have a car? Fill up a wagon or wheel barrow and roll it down to the parking lot. Great chance to meet with neighbors and increase your customer traffic.

Register you home or trunk by contact us at

Garage Sales Locations

211 Peterson Terrace
602 Peterson Cres
2106 37th Street West
2124 37th Street West
2138 37th Street West
2618 37th Street West
2137 37th Street West
2013 Richardson Road
2515 Richardson Road
62 Murdoch Place
91 Ross Cres
98 Ross Cres
514 Hall Cres
407 Hall Cres
35 Walker Cres
68 Selkirk
59 Selkirk
24 Davidson Cres
90 Davidson Cres
2912 33rd Street West
10 Bence Cres
11 Bence Cres
19 Wentworth Cres
39 Wentworth
55 Wentworth
7 Byers Cres
1501 Byers Cres
419 Petterson Ct
17 Cole Cres
211 Lewis Cres
1 Klaehn Cres